Top OC Defense Criminal Law Lawyer

Attorney’s philosophy:

The majority of legal cases are settled; however, when they do not Thomas Connor is a well seasoned trial attorney who is very capable and willing to go to trial and represent clients to protect their constitutional rights and recover monetary damages for their injuries.


1963 BA degree- University of Denver, Colorado

1970 JD degree- Pepperdine University College of Law

Practice History:

Juvenile facility counselor while attending the University of Denver.

Probation officer for adults and juveniles in Orange County, California. Criminal Defense in Southern and Central United States District Court for…

Smuggling Illegal Aliens

Credit Card Fraud

Immigration Fraud

Bank Robbery

Grand Theft

Over 4,000 trials in Riverside, Orange; Los Angeles County as a defender for criminal conduct, juvenile and dependency cases.

United States Bankruptcy Court advocated for debtors in Chapter Seven Hearings.

Over five hundred trials in Family Law Court cases, including Domestic Violence hearings in Los Angeles, Riverside; Orange County.

Represented injured workers before the Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board, as well as attending administrative hearings:

  • Social Security
  • Labor Board
  • DMV hearings regarding Drivers License Suspensions.

Filed Civil complaints and recovered monetary damages for parties who lost their jobs due to Wrongful Termination of Employment.

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Top OC Defense Criminal Law Lawyer

Searching for a Top OC
Defense Criminal Law Lawyer?

Trial experience in the following types of cases

Federal & State felony and misdemeanor criminal cases
•    DUI of alcohol or drugs, including DMV hearings.
•    All narcotics; manufacturing, possession and sale, including prior serious and violent felonies
•    Three strike cases, sentencing enhancements for prior felonies and motions to have prior strike convictions stricken as enhancements.
•    Motion for violation of your constitutional rights, the fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth and fourteenth amendment of the United States Constitution.
•    Expungements of criminal records, reduction of convictions from a felony to a misdemeanor and sealing of criminal records.
•    All firearms, weapons and possession of destructive devices.
•    Domestic violence restraining orders, murder, rape, conspiracy, burglary, robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment, grand theft, identity theft, fraud and sexual offenses.
•    Felony assaults with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor assaults and battery, resisting arrest.
•    Juvenile criminal aggravated felonies, fitness hearings for remand to adult court, trials for all criminal petitions.
•    Embezzlement, extortion and fraud matters.

Family Law

•    Dissolution of marriage and legal separation
•    Visitation and custody of children
•    Child and spousal support orders including OSC modification hearings.
•    Temporary and permanent restraining orders.
•    Equal and fair community property division.


Civil Matters and Personal Injuries

•    Negligent operation of motor vehicles or other automobile and pedestrian accidents with substantial injuries.
•    Slip and Fall with major injuries.
•    Defective products.
•    Major injuries to sensory system such as loss of sight, impairment of vision, loss of sense of smell, taste, hearing or touch.
•    Surgical scars or other scarring requiring the possibility of plastic surgery.
•    Any intentional assault, battery, false imprisonment or violation of constitutional rights which has been a substantial factor in harming any person or by violating their constitutional rights.

Business Contracts, Reviews and Preparation of Marital agreements, Wills and Living Trusts, including other essential documents