How Lawyers Can Help You Deal With The Aftermath Of A Driveway Accident

Most Los Angeles residents who are old enough to drive probably already know that in the event that they get into a car accident that the first thing that they should probably do after contacting their insurance company and their loved ones is to get in touch with an attorney who is part of a Los Angeles injury group. Many people know that if they get into a car crash in Los Angeles that they should call an attorney. Afterall most people probably have some sense of the legal ramifications that a car crash in Los Angeles can cause particularly if the accident was fatal or caused a serious injury to someone who was involved in it. But it turns out that car accidents are not the only incidents involving a motor vehicle that can potentially create legal trouble for a driver.

While cars provide people the convenience of traveling across long distances that are difficult to cross on foot or through using public transportation they can also enhance the possibility and the risk of causing other dangerous incidents to occur such as a car crash in Los Angeles that can unfortunately lead to the loss of life or to the damage of property. While many people might be aware of the fact that a busy highway often creates the conditions that can lead to a bad car accident they might not realize that their own driveway can also be place where an accident with a motor vehicle can occur.

Driveways can become hotspots for dangerous accidents because they happen to be a space where a lot of foot traffic occurs in tandem with traffic from vehicles. While anyone is arguably at risk for being hit by a driver pulling into their driveway that might not have seen them it is often young children who are the victims of accidents that take place in driveways. According to a study that looked into driveway accidents that involved children these accidents are an issue that most people are not aware of because people are not required to involve the police. Oftentimes these incidents involve toddlers being struck by a moving vehicle in a driveway or a child taking a car out of park and putting into drive. These sorts of incidents can happen in a blink of an eye and can change the life of a child or the life of a family forever. That said when a driver is involved in a driveway accident it is best to call an attorney at a Los Angeles injury group to prepare for the possibility of a criminal or civil case.

The legal consequences for a driveway accident can be just as dire as the legal consequences that a driver who gets into a car crash in Los Angeles might experience. The driver that is involved in a driveway accident might find that they are facing criminal charges such as involuntary manslaughter or vehicular assault. They might even find themselves having to face the prospect of being involved in a personal injury lawsuit. According to a legal expert a driver is not necessarily the only one who might find that they are liable when a driveway accident occurs. The person who owns the home where the incident occurred might be also be liable and may need to consider contacting a personal injury or car accident lawyer. There are also other parties who can be held accountable for incidents such as a driveway accident. They might include the company that manufactured the car as a driveway accident might have resulted from a vehicle malfunction. In this situation the fault could lie with the company that manufactured the car or another company that created the car part that caused the fatal or devastating malfunction.

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