What Steps Should I Take After a Cruise Ship Accident?

An individual taking a vacation on a cruise never expects to leave the cruise having suffered an injury due to an accident that they endured while on the cruise ship. Boarding a cruise ship should be a moment and a memory that brings the passenger joy and happiness, not pain and suffering. Accidents on cruise ships in Miami happen in various instances and due to many different causes. Once a passenger has undergone an accident and suffered injuries from that accident, they need to take certain steps to preserve their legal rights and potential of recovering from their injury.

Cruise lines and the cruise ship employees are skilled and trained to act in a way that will shift the legal liability away from them. Due to this reason, it is important that the injured individual takes the exact steps and precautions to ensure that their potential claim is preserved and not ruined. Previously, injuries on cruise ships were not as concerning as today, especially since Maritime laws have established that a cruise line can be held liable for an accident that was caused because of negligence. However, because of all the increasing amount of injuries and deaths occurring on cruise ships, it is vital that a passenger is aware of what steps they must take if they were injured while on board.

In addition to following the recommended steps, the victim should seek a Miami injury cruise ship attorney to pursue a legal claim against the cruise line company. Maritime laws are very complex and proceeding with a lawsuit against a cruise ship company without a lawyer it might be unsuccessful.


Steps To Take After Enduring Injuries While on a Cruise Ship in Miami

To ensure that the victim is able to have a shot at filing a claim in the future for an accident that they suffered because of negligence, they must follow the following steps:

  • Seek medical care immediately

The main concern is the health of the victim. They need to immediately seek medical assistance in the ship's infirmary and then follow-up once they have gotten off the cruise ship. Whether the victim was seriously injured or not, their safest bet is to be seen by a physician. Not only is this beneficial for the victim’s health, but it is also essential for the lawsuit. First of all, by visiting the doctor, the victim would be able to document their injuries and what happened, and secondly, this act would be viewed as positive in the juries and judge’s eye.


  • Obtain copies of documentation

Once the victim has sought medical attention and reports have been made, the victim should obtain copies of all documents that will be beneficial for their cases such as their medical records, their accident report, and other forms.


  • Photograph the site of the accident and injuries

Sometimes, a photograph can speak a thousand words. Describing an incident does not have the same effect as seeing it in person. Pictures of the site of the accident and injuries can give the jury and judge a better mental picture as to what and how the accident took place. The more evidence the plaintiff has, the better it will be the case. It is important to take pictures from all angles of the accident and before anyone is able to clean up the site of the accident.


  • Gather witnesses information

Witnesses are vital aspects of all types of personal injury claims. The more people that were present during the time of the accident, the more evidence that plaintiff will have against the cruise line company. The testimony of a witness might be the cause of a successful case. Individuals that have no relation to the victim or the cruise line (other passengers) would be the best witnesses for this case. A witness must be credible for the jury to believe.


Injured on a Cruise Ship?

The personal injury attorneys are skilled with Maritime laws and have handled numerous cruise ship accident cases. The firm is ready to fight against any cruise line company that does not want to compensate their client.

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