Tailgating: A Cause for Vehicle Accidents

Everyone has done this at some point in their life. Drivers believe that by tailgating the vehicle in front of them, they will somehow reach their destination faster. By tailgating, the vehicle must brake extremely hard if the car in front decides to suddenly brake. The car would not have enough time to stop from colliding with the car in front of them because they were already so close, to begin with. Hence, the traffic laws state to at least leave two seconds of space between the car of the driver and the car of the driver in front, also known as the “two-second rule”. Tailgating leads to rear-end accidents that can end with serious injuries and can also bring on cases of road rage.


Defining Tailgating

What is it? When a vehicle is so close behind the other car that the driver believes that they are going to get hit; that is tailgating. The driver in the back does not leave the necessary space between both cars in case they must suddenly brake. When the weather conditions are good outside the drivers can follow the two-second rule which would be the time it takes the car to reach the car in front of them at their current speed. However, if the weather conditions are poor or the road is badly maintained, the driver should allow a greater distance between both cars. Poor weather conditions and poorly maintained streets can be causes for serious accidents.


If It Is Dangerous Why Do Drivers Still Do it?

Why do drivers text and drive? Why do drivers speed? It is the same concept. It is a combination of not realizing what could happen or knowing what could happen and not care about the consequences.

Reasons why: 

  • Their skills are overestimated
  • Road rage; to intimidate the driver
  • Saving gas per miles by drafting (Hyper-miller)
  • Wanting to get the driver in front of them to move to the next lane
  • They believe that they will arrive from point A to point B faster
  • Prevention in being cut off


How do I proceed If Someone Is Tailgating Me?

Tailgating can piss off drivers. Drivers may even slow down just to get the tailgater aggravated because their tailgating is doing that to them. It is best to remain calm in these situations and not add more flame to a fire. Drivers should not put themselves in a dangerous position just because they let their emotions get the best of them. The ideal thing to do if a driver is tailgating another is to move over the next lane and let them pass.

Avoiding conflict while driving can greatly reduce car accidents. Swerving, hitting the brakes, and even swearing at the tailgating driver will only make the situation worse and can even lead to road rage, which has been increasing over the past few years. The driver needs to pay attention to the road and safety maneuver themselves out of the tailgaters path.


Tailgating Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Visiting a Miami litigator with experience in car accidents can give a victim who has been through a tailgating accident some peace of mind. Auto accident attorney located in Miami has been in place for over two decades and has seen this common cause for car accidents regularly. They provide free consultation and will not get paid until the case has been won. The Miami personal injury lawyers at that firm pride themselves in their work and have become like family to many of their clients. Tailgating accidents may seem minor, but they can become tragic.

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