Tailgating: A Cause for Vehicle Accidents

Everyone has done this at some point in their life. Drivers believe that by tailgating the vehicle in front of them, they will somehow reach their destination faster. By tailgating, the vehicle must brake extremely hard if the car in front decides to suddenly brake. The car would not have enough time to stop from...
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The Part an Insurance Plays in a Car Accident

What do insurance companies do in regards to a car collision case? Is the value of a claim affected by the availability or unavailability of the insurance? How is the decision factored in deciding made to make the claim against? An examination of those questions will follow.  

Liability Coverage

This is the standard form of...
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Are Personal Injury Cases Civil Or Criminal?

Are Personal Injury Cases Civil Or Criminal? Personal Injury cases are the disputes that arise when one party (the plaintiff) suffers from an accident or an assault caused by another (the defendant). Personal injury cases do not include suicide attempts and self harm incidents. Every citizen has legal rights in case of a personal injury and...
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Don’t Wheel Around With Bicycle Accidents

They're a great source of recreation and exercise. They're being used more and more often as transportation for work and for commerce transactions. And even the most ardent climate change denier wouldn't dispute the "greenness" of bicycling. But while this surge in bicycling brings many benefits, problems and questions accompany it too. Chief among these is...
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